Accommodation regulations

1. The lodging provider can accommodate a guest who has a valid passport, identity card or other identity document which will be provided at the reception desk. The lodging provider may, in special cases, offer guests other than the agreed accommodation, if it is not substantially different from the confirmed order.

2. The lodging provider is obliged, under the confirmed reservation, to accommodate the guest until 18:00. Till then the room is reserved, unless the order or agreement with the lodging provider otherwise stated.

3. Rooms are used by guests for the period of time, which was agreed with the lodging provider. Unless previously agreed, check-out needs to be done until 10:00 of the anticipated departure day. If the guest is not going to proceed this way, the lodging provider might charge 70% of the stay for the following day.

4. If the guest asks to extend her/his stay, s/he may be offered a different room than the one in which s/he was originally accommodated.

5. The guest has the right to use the equipment of the room, common areas and all other services of the pension.

6. The guest is fully responsible (financially) for the damage s/he has caused.

7. In the rooms it is forbidden to move the furniture, make any interventions into the electrical or any other installation. The guest are also not allowed to use their own appliances, except those used for their personal hygiene.

8. Any visitors of the guests must be announced to the employee of the pension. The guest is required, whenever leaving the room, to turn off the lights, make sure that water taps are closed and the entrance doors are locked.

9. The guest is obliged to behave in the room and in all other facilities of the pension in a way that there is no fire breake out. In the whole building is strictly forbidden to smoke! Smoking is only allowed outside the building.

10. Between 22:00 to 6:00, all guests must behave in a way that they do not disturb the others.

11. The lodging provider is responsible only for the things that the guest has properly stored at the reserved place. In case of money and other valuables, the lodging provider is responsible for them only if they were taken into custody with a proper confirmation.

12. Dogs and other animals can be placed in the pension for fee, however a prior arrangement is necessary.

13. For the accommodation and any other services which have been provided, the guest is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the valid price list, usually at the end of her/his stay. Prices of the accommodation and all other services are listed at the official website of the pension. The guest must follow all articles of the accommodation regulations. If it is not the case the lodging provider has the right to withdraw the contract before the expiry of the agreed period.

14. The guest complaints or suggestions for improving the performance are very welcome at