Železná Ruda


Zelezna Ruda

Zelezna Ruda is located on the border of the Czech Republic, in Sumava. Rather than for an iron ore, from which comes the original name, the city is known as a center of recreation.

With an accommodation with a total capacity of around six thousand beds in hotels, guesthouses, pensions, cottages and dormitories, with several ski resorts and many kilometers of cross - country skiing trails, Zeleznorudsko is one of the largest centers for winter and summer sports and recreation in Sumava. With the neighboring german Bayerisch Eisenstein creates one of the largest "miniapline" centers of recreation and tourism in Central Europe with a wide range of services for visitors during all seasons.

Whether it is summer or winter Zeleznorudsko is simply for everyone!

Summer holidays in Sumava 

In summer, visitors can admire Sumava's unspoiled nature and historical monuments. No one should miss a visit to the largest Sumava lakes. You can easily find them right next door to Zelezna Ruda. The Black and Devil's lake you manage to visit on foot in only one day. Across the german border you will find the Large and Small Arber lake.

Right in Zelezna Ruda it is worth to visit a special church of the Virgin Mary or a hunting lodge that hosts the Motomuzeum and exposure of puppets.


Letní Šumava


Zímní Šumava


Winter fun in Sumava

When the snow falls and most tourist attractions falls into the winter sleep, Zelezna Ruda is experiencing the high tourist season. There is about 25 kms of downhill slopes of varying difficulty levels available for visitors and about 29 lifts with a total capacity of 15 persons per hour in more than 5 different ski resorts. Cross - country skiing lovers will find about 100 kms of artificially groomed tracks.

If you can not ski, you can sign up for a ski school or try out a new sport called snow - tubing.